Government of America is founded in 2020. After contesting an elections tampering issue, for the election of the national president and the southern governors, and those issues of war perpetrated by the united states armed forces, organized crime, and those men of domestic and foiregn military. On december 3rd, 2020; the county of volusia, the state of florida, and the united states of america will select a president without contesting a tampering issue, and while his armed forces help to make that selection using a series of weapon programs designed to kill among groups of americans with six foot accuracy from satelitte. The United States of America, is thereafter named 1 of the governments inside the territorial American borders of north and south.

See scientifit effort, will quantunnel event kill earth men or affect the star system. The science is considered a deadly science and thus most deirivitives of the research. The concern here, is a consideration for safety of mankind. See for shape of evaluation or the MarleyLABS research index for the QT project evaluation at

I have no way to affect or otherwise modify government media or television media hacks. This site helps me understand how to deploy to the local and state government, methods of circumventing the conflcit and informing the public. It also helps me resolve problmes of government, by offering a different perspective or approach to presentation and naming conventions.

Warning today, tactical espionage unit is in town.

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Government of America 2020

interpretation of local earth RULE among nations --> The resolve uses what is already existing among men --> evaluates according to the natural RULE : Theory of Relativity speaks of the natural earth rule, the use of energy or other things to control or monitor people is evaluated at perspective where a second perspective is offered among nations and men. Examples are A and B. One night picture is as if ancient observation was possible relative to Radio or Light observation at night from orbit and indicates no excessive RULE (not leadership evaluation for other reasons), condition preferred, the other an excessive orbital RULE present "A." A piece of the glowing globe vs the natural globe; not entire. Example, the use of energy or other programs like trencher lines and mowers on powerline to control human behaviour is another type of rule not so easily presented in photographs. The concern is how to do it safely. (natural ley or like nazca lines, historical Inca maya indian or heritgae sites are not a concern for war or conflict.)

In florida, the use of phone lines is presenting a situation where men attempted to direct leadership or investigation with bad information from difficult to find locations operated by organized crime or other men, and using a radio or other effort. Good and bad counsel for leadership. A different sort of RULE problem affecting governance of earth. For conflcit, the use of radio broadcoasts on power line circuits in cities, towns, and homes is turning incandescent and LED light bulb output into a deadly weapon for occupants of towns and cities. Another RULE evaluation. Occassionaly, electronic pest control radios are deployed on distributed power line circuits (the power lines to your homes) deterring insects and people without insectacides.


Establishment of RULE Continuum to
guide administration of America.

NATURAL GOVERNMENT (NG) Natural wild lands and ecosystems, seasons, weather, environment, conditions of natural rule by planet or moon settlement, and more. Wildlife equality to rights of man per acre. Earth is billions of years old, and the RULE is older than our star and galaxy, it was present when both were made, including moon and life on earth.
Natural or not natural Governance, conditions of earth and rule interpreted by man for leadership among groups; Survival, townships, cities, and more. (Settlements or spaceships and environment.)

Government of America (NG)
  • United States of (MG)
  • Tribal Nation of (MG)
Government of Florida (NG)
  • State of Florida (MG)
  • Indian Tribal (MG)
  • Micronations (MG)
  • Foreign Land Holders (MG)
  • Domestic Land Holders (MG)
  • City or Town of (MG)

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Welcome to the Natural RULE.

Divisions of Government of Florida
(requirement to form a new state management, in progress) This is used as an interpretation of existing government. To apply the RULE, and measure the governments among men, their technology, and corporations, the reference is being developed. The natural governments have always been, and the natural government of trees and wildlife has been for billions of years, the natural government.

Government of Florida 2020 I am a Citizen

Law and Legal; Home safety during the war and from organized crime or corrupt business practices.

Safety from viral warefare during the war, or from terrorism and organized crime.

Safety from Chemical warefare during the war, or from terrorism and organized crime.
  • Phosphor and Nerve agents, airborne radioactive or other molecular conflict strategies
  • The recent surge in geo engineering has caused many problems, here are some steps to follow
    • Agent dumped out homes, sometimes include micro particle alluminums used for inhalation weapons, a piece of radio weapons warefare and reception to the person or flocks.
    • Some agents released on the people, including those agents used for making vacuum tubes in tube television, remove oxygen from the blood stream, and cause people not to pay attention; barium is a dangerous additive to geoengineering efforts. If the only element dumped, is salt, then the conditions might be related only to salt. often a sea salt, used for messaging.
    • Some agents dumped on the people, used for removing carbon from the air, remove carbon from the blood stream. Carbon is not dangerous, some poeple drink 2 to 4 liters of carbonated water a day, and find no problems. When these agenst are used, you will find they alter our ability to pay attention. If organized crim is involved their is monetary gain involved, often theft of monies or other assets including estates. If war fare is the cause, often electronic stalking is combined and not many other problems emerge not from conflict related conditions. When these ganets go to aquifer, (TTWT, time to water table estimate after airbone event) they cause can sodas from fountains and stores, to suddenly loose their fiz in a few minutes, rather then a few hours. Protect yourself from inhalation and ingestion by using safe water sources.
  • During geo engineering attacks, close the windows to your home, and to the school systems, and file a report with the operation scud proof phone number (OSP) so we can send test personel for your roof top and air conditioner or heating ventilation, and further identify concneptrations as part of the war effort to combat these issues, and further idenitfy what was dumped. These assaults have to prior warning, and no notification to the general public.
  • If your town was sprayed by pesticides, their are multiple ways this is delivered, including in your home from consumer products, onto the skin, or by trucks and by planes
    • Call poison control if you feel ill, or visit your doctor, and try to file a report withe OSP operations.
    • If you feel sick, from the mosquito trucks, these might often be capped or modified with other ingredients. Using a microwave induction prorgam on a community power line system can cause flu like symptoms from exposure to radiation emitting from power lines, call microwave on wire, or a MOWer program. Capping the community with a mosquito truck; has the problem of radiation combined with over use or deliberate chemical weapons use as an air brone distribution. Often ATROPINE is used as antidote when mosquito trucks over spray your area, mosquitos trucks poison a community from over use. Try these links to purchase antidotes for your community or family.
    • \
    • Tracking fallout from airborne or truck chemical distributions onto the people. See OSP Sample collection. We will be collecting samples from roof tops as part of the OSP operations group. These samples will collect slime and other ingrediaents in roof top airconditioners with access to outside air and mixing of ouytside air with inside air. These sample result indicating chemical, biological, and other weapons uses, will be applied by address in an observable GIS system. This helps us respond to terror attacks that are airborne, and to monitor fallout.

Safety from electronic warefare during the war (satellites and other radio or wireless and wired weapons), or from terrorism and organized crime.
  • If you suffer from induction prorgam or what might be percieved as psychological warefare or electronic harrassment, their are a few easy steps to follow to find relief of symptoms
    • Remove the power meter from your residence, if it is a home. The method of delivery for these weapons is across the common circuit of the home power wiring and it is delivery from the powerlines on your street. Often a radio or other device is used to influence the speaker circuit of a television and might also be deliver on the power line, or to affect the outlet and switch wiring in a home. You can use am proximity dowsing and cheap AM radio. If placing the small radio near the home wiring in the wall, like a stud finder, the radio makes a static sound; isolate the power circuit in the home by turning of breakers, or completely removing the coloradao springs or landys and gyr power meter, solves the problem. Sit in your home, when you feel safe during the day after doing this, and feel the difference. No more psychological weapons use. If the home power cicuit is attached across the common circuit to the main power grid, then pay an electrician to drop the common load to ground, rather the main power grid. (instructions)
    • If your home is harrassment by a trencher machine, or fenceless dog fence program, or sub surface sonic unit used for oil exploration or naval observation, or by a radio attached to the telephone (att copper wiring) and other inputs from wiring also distrbuted off your property; often the radio does not comply with FCC wireless or land line requirements, and could be modulated for speech, rather than inaudible coded signal. Removing these influences, or using a mole line locator for 666mhz on cable system distribution systems, can help you locate a speaker driver, amplifier, or other radio communication interfere with the person like electronic harrassment. It might be like a ghost from the ground. Lines in the ground without wiring attached to them, are often not considered dangerous, like ley line from religious practice.
    • If your experience of harrassment persists after leaving the home, the most likely cause is the cellphone. You can remove the cellphone battery to find relief.
    • If you suffer from vehicluar harrassment, you will need to drive a vehicle with as few electronics as possible. Try disconnecting the negative battery lead after starting the car, or the positive. If the harrassment in the vehicle is too much, then park the vehicle turn off the ignition, and walk away from the vehicle. The proximity radio of your vehicle could influence person occasionaly up to 50 feet from the person. Walk just as far to find the harrassment tapers off in volume. If this works, seek a vehicle manufactured prior to 1960 or reduce the electronic foot print of your vehicle to neccessary functions. Including head lights, or blinkers, and engine components is neccesary for proper function.
Cellular Systems locations
  • If you suffer from other form of harrassment, including the perception of an implant, or that of gang stalkers, you might be unable to easily locate, their a few steps you can follow to idenitfy a distributed systems of delivery, including the use of satelittes or cellular towers
  • To determine celluar tower interference or harrassment, follow these instructions. Drive you vehcile away from affected area.But first remove the battery from your cellphone and the RFID SIM card. And excessive electronics from your vehicle. Along highway 40 in volsuia county, drive to the first cellular tower. Wait and listen. Plug in the cellphone battery and turn it on. Note the return of influence. Remove the battery and SIM again. drive until psychological wepaon is not noticable in the head. Harrassment that might be unsual or not presernt away from affect area, inclduing name calling or coerscion. Sit near another cellular tower. Replce the battery and the sim card. Note the return of symptoms. Try this using other problems, and where disconnectiong the battery leads from your vehicle is the second part. this resolve a complete silence once the computer battery back up in the vehiclecomputer system, of the car or truck, is removed. (you might need to disconnect the engine computer for vehcle like chevy blazer or fords.
  • To determine satelitte or other interference, follow these similair steps. The smilair hardware here, but use a bycycle or walk to resovle the targeing issue. Wwalk with electorncis off. note two miles in vehcle or on foot is ismilair. replace the batrtry and sim card. Note, return of harrassm,ent is immediate from proximity affect. Remove the battery again and walk nto some safe distance with no affect. Replce the battery band sim card again.
  • Avoid these areas, and try to use cellular phones where both the battry and the card can be removed.
  • Some implants and vehiiclular tracking, might use onstar systems. A form of return communication into a vehicle to monitor occupants or influence them.

Safety from food service attacks. A food service attack is when a combatant gets a job as a restaurant employee, and adds humans problem like spit or feces to the food of customer deliberalty, not often by mishandling, or when they apply disease and other ingredients meant to harm large numbers of people, like rat poison in soups, or deadly chemicals to food products given to customers of a restaurant or fast food industry.
  • Phosphor and Nerve agents, airborne radioactive or other molecular conflict strategies also might be an issue.

Safety from organized gang stalking by civilians, military, intellgience, police, or other combined coopertive message making endeavour.
  • Note problem of refusing to accept reports regarding conflict or weapons use.
  • Note refusals for access to public areas, or other areas where most community or society can access without problems.
  • Note unsual scenarios, or recursive events.
  • Note problems of cooperation among men alledged defense or not, men alledged enforcment or note. How do they work around the town, what sorts of targets, and how is the court house system manipulated.
  • Tampering of ballot or juries by the war is not unsual.
  • Avoid contact with court rooms or officials content with this sort of manipulation. Consent to be governed is earned, not required, among free men.

Welcome to the Government of Florida, of America.
This section will help citizens navigate the conflict and organize for defense. Here i will enumerate operations that have been completed (this month of july) and problems idenitfied among the communtities, including response. Because i have alrge readership, some of these issues are consistently being resolved, and are often depricated in part where this technican has to keep moving withthe location and answers.
  • Daytona Beach, FL. 1$ pizza in downtown daytona, and captain pizza. HIV infected Urine was placed in the pizza sauce for several days as a terror attack in the last seven days At a 1$ per slice foriegn owned resteraunt in downtown daytona beach, flk across from the hilton. More than 2000 victims in the last seven days.
  • Denny's Restaurants, A1A in ormond beach, cooks were recorded talking about placing fecal matter, urine, and spit into foods as part of the conflict assult on the local area for every occupant. More than 500 Victims. Please avoid this restaurant and cooperating Ormond and Volsuia police with those insurgents. Keep in mind we are at war, and increasingly in the county the hotel, stores, and other businesses are being purchased by foriegn investor from india and united arab emirates. Economic invasion indicators.
  • \
  • Tunnel network was located under volusia county, with exit in flagler. The tunnel appears to be offering "pork products" and other meats, derived of humans flesh.
  • Oak HIll florida and other areas appear to be cooperating with insurgents and plcing urine in the waters given to persons traveling through these areas. The affected restaurnts is by a furniture sales location and they are cooperating with men in trucks and with boats, having neon wheels and boats parts.
  • European french bunker located.
  • Stasi bunker approximate 12 miles under savanah georgia appears to be supporting the conflcit, Their are two bunkers located.
  • \
  • You can wear the sick mask, or wear a bandana on your mouth. One mask makes you cool, the other makes you appear sick. Please choose the red coats, blue coats, or other colors. Gang colors might be prohibiting in somke places.
  • Volusia county will be fining persons for not wearing railroad like idenitifications compared to WW2. (Sick masks)
  • Assaults on foods in the area affect pork products and hams, and other import products.
  • (STRATEGY) The next planned flights carry a mutated f-covina and other bacterial infections and virals. Chemtrail flights begin in 1.5 months cqarrying flight deliverables. Filming began two days ago in port orange, over 75 sorties filmed. Please See OSP volusia.
  • (STRATEGY) Government of florida is opening primitive camping. The insurgent groups have been stealing county and state park lands. To combat this problem, we are letting persons who need place to sleep, use primitive camping at state parks with restrictions to include pollution, hunting, violence, and more. YOU will reside in these areas to fight invasive contruction funded by foriegn government or domestic business. Primitive camping is not policed like paid camping areas. If you select this option, even residing inside the state or county lands for the period primitive camping is permitted, the lands are not considered homesteaded, and your residence keeps the lands for our countrymen and helps the state parks hold those assets while they argue with lawyers and by having occupation and use permitted requiring vacating for bull dozers the park systems dont want used. We can also help you in other ways to later find apartments or more, for your help.
  • (STRATEGY) Militant islam and muslims have, since the mutated swine flu incidents of 2009, created a situation where face garb of the muslims, and sick masks, will eventually have persons choosing the masks or bandansa over the facem or other equipment in targted areas, (see palm bay and ww2 soldiers looking for pedophiles by the railroad tracks for remebering the hijackers) the prophets of the quran married 9 year olds, you can argue the quran in court according to militant islam if you suffer from name calling of catholic priests or other denominations, and also choose to legally use the face garb in place of medical masks, making you appear less sick. If you are with us in florida, we suggest your belief origin from the natural lands and trees, rather than selecting belief for legal reasoning and warfare weaponize the american legal systems against natural citizens or persons of white color.
  • (STRATEGY) In volusia county, there is clear divide of stalking government employees targwting the general public, and those who are not. Agnt of war, teror, or crime might occasionaly get jobs as public service employees and abuse that privalge to provde harrassment as part of organized crime and conflict. To solve problems of corruption and more, employees, including police, found cooeprating with organized crime or targeting the general public will be replaced.
  • Strategies for airborne and naval invasion threats are being discerned. The cross manuever resulted from operations (2018, depricated intel 2019, see gods hill and other OPS, and have subsequently uncovered agendas to topple state and national governments.
  • Distrbuted stalking weapons were placed by domestic and foriegn combatants. These include trencher lines, invisible permiter dog fences, and further, powerline mower programs (microwave on a wire. like lawn mower cuts grass, these prgrams make sick entire communties, while organized crime and foriegn military steal estates, business, and more for foriegners or domestic persons after making and accusing of being sick. These are attached to the pole tops. Often, the town or polcie, and other men involved will not accpet reports for these problems.
  • Ham radio and other radio stalking is distributed among homes in multiple communties. These radios are in homes, buried in hardware of airconditioner units, under ground, and more. They are often attached to the power line to harrass home nearby.
  • Assaults by induction of satelittes and other communications networks are being located.
  • FPL (florida power and light) can not force a florida citizen to pay for power inside a weapons target area, they deployed. Nor can ATT and other providers like comcast and spectrum. If you suffer from harrassment, please contact government of florida representation and report to operation inspection teams.
  • For those concerned about the conflcit since 2001, the US veterans administration has made a movie of persons being made sick by radiological weapons (radiactive and suggestive combination.) The zombie making in volusia county include many prop vehicles. The movie indicates condition of some persons, when evalting person targted by the radiological calss of weapons, i have benem targted for 8 years. the pentqagon has been a targt for over 20. They are hot potatoes.
  • Chemtrail and geoengineering flights are being found with phosphor agents, nerve agemnts type V and G, and blister gagents for zombies making. Approximatly 1 in 59 flights tested has weapons detceted. We caution to close windows in homes and schools during the attacks. PLease join us at OSP Volusia.
  • In volsuia county, the weapons program was found affecting as many as 80 polling locations. These suggestive prorgam are used to sleect canidates.
  • If your community schools and preschool are targts of electronic harrassment, like pine trails or pathways elementary schools, because of amplification systems on common power line circuits, and miliant or criminnal radio networks dpleyed from homes, then start by looking for cut ground line on power poles, and other attached equipment if removing the power meter works.

HEALING: Symptoms of radiation and induction weapons exposure. If you were targeted by a class C or D sustained release radioactive or electrostatic weapon, some symptoms are common across some victims
  • Tingling legs. If you find in these area your legs tingle, this is the result of a SAR, or RS (Radio saturation index) affecting your residence. Often a trencher line inserted in the dirt under your home might induct a charge on to rotating coils like airconditioners, or onto copper piping and wiring in the ground. The discharge of this energy to the person creates a conditions of excessive energy, and can cause tingl;ing in the legs. To resolve this issue without medication, remove your shoes and stand on the grass or dirt. Otherwise, utilize an electronics strap, used for static discharge. Attache it tot he ground pin on your power system outlet, and then around your rist. Relief is immediate.
  • Because the weapon is static discharge or radio discharge, the symptomsof electricity shock, taser, or electric chair apply. Inability to make to the bathroom, unsual use of the bathroom (too much, or too little,) and chrones disease, or loss of control. Remove yoruself from the raio condition, and releif is immediate. within three days, regualr bowl conditions returns.
  • Exposure or over exposure to radio and static field weapons can casue problme of a radio spectrum exposure, like spectrum autism or other conditions. Remove your family from this condition or use solar power.
  • Induction zones applied to homes, cause unsual sleeping patterns. Person in these ares might sleep more than usual, ten to 18 hours a day. And removed from these situaions, find they can not sleep for days, or can function better on less sleep. A microwave weapon puts people to sleep. If you find your wnat to go to sleep all of sudden, change your location, and avoid exposure. You will find yourself alert, almost immediately.
  • Over exposure to radio weapons or induction zones, can cause a person to loose taste in the mouth, be unable to feel to the touch, or be hazy of mind and even walk into doors, or make irrational decisions. These problme cause, when microwave radiation is used, what is comared to sun burn of the brain and organs. It could take days or weeks to heal. However, typically after leaving these conditions, day 4 and five, see the ability to smell, taste, and toch returned. The sense of self, and more an ability to be yourself is found also. These wepaons can damage perosn without leaving scars, and are often attributed suicidal behaviour.
  • When these weapons are combined with chemtrails, geo engineering, or other activity, the symptoms become hard to distinguish. During war, it is important to recognize we medciate the right problem, in most situaions, removing the weapons conditions without challenging the combantant who placed them, finds immediate relief.
  • When inside a a weapon proximity area, note that the farther your get from the weapons radius, the better symptoms improve. For some radio intensity weapons, \2 to five mile is not unsual and more than 300 feet inside a wood line or an obstruction is neccessary, like a concret building. The most relief is found in the woods, or like other radioactive war, under ground.
  • Note the thinking process changes when moving form area to area. When aperson is sensitive to these areas, it can feel like psycholgical torture. Go camping at parks without power line systems, and find two weeks is cheaper than hospital for mediciation, and more benifical for your health. Consider moving if returning to the weapons area the psychglca weapon re emereges, and especially if you find the same symptoms.
  • It is not unsual for person in these area to become aggitated, to want to yell, or to become irrational. It is a weapon. removing the power meter find immedaite rleief fomr anger or psychosis.
  • For some person, traveling outside the weapons area. Take a drive or walk away from the home. If you feel better withing 500 feet, their is wepaon on your home. Resolve these conditions and calm down. Notice, when retruning to the wepaons areas, symptoms might remerge very quickly. Taske your time coming back. This is compared to getting a sun burn, and going to sit right bak in the sun after feeling better pruchasing a drinke from the nearest vendor at the beach.
  • Person sensitive to radio wepaons conditions, might feel they are being pointed at by weapons, or by satelittes. Remove the power meter. When moving about, the feeling conditions perists, like outside, then other homes a\re also targets.
  • If you have problme of unsual cnversation, or harrassment percieved by others as inaudible, then turn of the light in the room. if the oncversation ceases immediately, then the problme is on the power line system to the home.
  • In homes targted by induction weapons, parts with rotating motors like air conditioners, or servos, often sound like they talk. This is timing output to the electronics motor rotation. Turn of the lighting and the air conditioner motor to find relief from ten centimeter output.
  • In homes where personel computer are attached. The sound card of you compueter and other chips, cmight contain and AM radio capability. This can be exploited by software, but is most likely exploited by placing a radio antenna output onto the power wiring, common or ground circuit, as broadcast antenna. The power meter test helps to resolve what i need to do to feel better, circuit iosolation skills help to idenitfy the cuprit.

Problems of the war.
  • Conditions of some weapons or non weapons use might enhance ghost contact, and for many this is safely achieved and a certain benfit to belief because the energy used does not make what we find. A spy using a spook line on your home, might have this intent, to make ghost visible as some blame for a well planned attack. The audio presneted is harrassment, the ghosts are not produced by weapons conditions, if they persist weapons conditions.
  • The war in the middle east included a dispute about oil. The use of oil location hardware might be a sonde unit for a drill tip or a sonic eapon inserted by micro tunnel boring machgine, trenchless trenchless trencher, or drill machine under your home. The problem of weapons exposure, in the middle east war was termed "weaker than a spiderweb," and is part of the Quran "Verse of the Spider." For some, this is valued asset to community, for others of some moral ineptitude, is combersome. The over exposure to these radio weapons, causes men to be exited, and my arguement with hamas, hezbolah, and iran recently among rhetoric, is termed "weaker than a spiderweb," on youtube. The program makes movie (reality movie), excites the victims from intellgienc eperspective with a radio wepaons or exposure related conditions, and then further encourages them to fight unarmed calling them war mongers. This is weapons styrategy from the Ara or Persian American Wars. Removing the psychoactive condtion often resolve targeting, and learning to identify directional mechaisms, is often as easy as obstructing the source, or placing the hand between a source of lighting or power lines on the roadway to find relief in the head.

Welcome to the Government of Florida, of America.
  • You are a free man by consent.
  • You are permitted to be free, this includes the defense of the skies or waters, soils, life, prosperity agreements, your land, yourself and family, community and more.
  • The government of florida is a belief of natural goverance relative to other men who have various methods of law or adminstration within the same territory, and referencing a government as understood from a natural logic.
  • We do not offer non natural citizenship, we do however, research natural governance and work to convey properly such work. The path to citizenship should be through established channels, including that of the native governments or the estabiished structure for the state of florida for such an achievement.
  • The Governances and the RULE are indicated among those men aspiring to understand multiple governments competing in a single territory, from that learned natural perspective for arguement.
  • This fellow is building a seat of the Elluminous in Florida.
  • is also available! (Our affiliation with the World Government.
  • The natural RULE is understood by this governor relative to management. GoA Leadership Training, Achievement +1.
This section is used to build the comparative state. The country, is now called Archa.

The agreement of prosperities for NGO, natural government organizations. All life is endowed a right to Environment, life, and perhaps liberties like freedom of action, belief, words, ... that shall not be abridged; until action violates a prosperity agreement. We believe to protect environment and life (Most angel names include EL), but the actions of a person or group have damaged or threatened envirnment and perhaps have taken life among disputes, and have therefore violated a prosperity agreement. It is then arguable in court among men, and further argueable on behalf of animals who can not argue among men, by men or others, willing to do so.

(Check b4 final, should be able to govern the self among others with a limited statement and argue in court most American law.)

Maning the RULE in Florida, requires an observation of radio or other field emiting weapons to be understood, and resolved or managed in accordance with natural. An electric eel, or other life form communicating with ley lines from the bottom of the ocean floor, or like trilobytes, or some glowing fish produce these lines. We protect life and natural things. A mafia or cartel dog fence, or trencher line, is not the comparative natural we might protect if these qualify as an act of war. Use by these organizatrions, is not often the arc of life, where it is deployed for free. IN weapon areas where MOWers or other chemicals are used, organized crime oftenc leans up, taking the estates or other assets of the war time victims, resulting in war crime allegations for some efforts.

The conditions of somne RULE environments are compared to the ARC of life. Other conitions are kin to weapons use. The tingling legs is clser to ARC of life, the falling asleep from microwave weapons. A ley line in the dirt from some not understood origin, is simialir to a deliberate arc (spark) of life. Our business is life itself, but it keeps turning people into t zombies, literallty. Move from a psycoactive weapons area to middle of woods to understand zombie.

Our fight in volusia county has included many messages, inclduing that use of prop bikes and cars. A skull bike, zombie containement crew behicles, and resident eveil corpoation vehicles are all over town, sending the message to the people and the governments at war.

Perspectives of Arguement in court

Of construction Group Law

Copyright 2020, Government of Territory, America. The names of my heritage are written in the history of the world across more than 1000 years. My DNA must be alive and intact to uncloak my key, even with such random attributes as acquired by the flesh.